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100% Natural Assorted Fun Shaped Ravioli
for kids
- Teddy bears, stars, cars, dinosaurs, hearts and
rocket ships. Traditional
Cheese or Broccoli and
White Cheddar Cheese.

Made from the same top quality ingredients as all of our
gourmet ravioli. The only difference is the shape! Fun shapes kids love so much they can “bear-ly” wait to eat.

Look for our
two new exciting flavors,
Mac & Cheezy and Pizza-roli's.

Check out all our delicious Jolie Ravioli products at your local supermarket, or purchase them in our Buy for Home online store.

"We love your ravioli! I buy these for my 10 month old daughter, she refuses to eat "baby" food.
She loves finger foods and your fun shaped raviolis are perfect for her. I want her to have healthful foods and
I love the fact that your product has no trans fats, no preservatives, and is loaded with calcium and protein; just what a growing little girl needs.
Thanks for making such a high quality product that I can feel confident feeding my baby, plus I love how easy they are to prepare."

Sarah, Atlanta, Georgia

• 100% NATURA

Jolie Ravioli
Packed 10/12 oz boxes per case or
8/12 oz re-sealable gusseted bags per case

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"My children, ages 5 & 7,
love the cheese and broccoli.
They ate them up immediately.
Mom loves them too! They taste fresh.
Great with sauce.
Keep making them!! Please!"

"We loved them!
I didn't tell my kids they were
different from the usual ravioli.
I waited to see if they noticed and they didn't.
"These are yummy," they said, ages 7 and 2 ½.
Thanks for another great product.!"

"Our 2 ½. year old said it was good and
ate more than usual for a sitting.
Her 6 and 10 year old sisters loved it too!
Thank you!"

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"I served two children (2 years old) these raviolis and they seemed to like them a lot. They ate what shapes they picked out (that seemed the most fun) and said yum as they were eating them! They are also able to eat these with their hands which is great!"

Tammy, New York, NY

"My 15 month old girl loves this ravioli.
I enjoy it as well!
Thank you for the free bag.
I will be back for more!"

Sincerely, Mrs. P.

"At first my kids didn't want to try the
cheese and broccoli ravioli.
They liked the shapes, so they were willing to try them.
They loved the ravioli!
They ate the whole bag in one sitting! (Only 2 children) They said the ravioli were awesome! I love that they are healthy and quick and the kids enjoyed them.
I will definitely buy them again."


" I am just writing to tell how how much my 10 month old son LOVES your shaped ravioli!
It was his first pasta! Being from New York,
we expect a high level of quality when it comes
to our pasta and we are so happy to
find your ravioli at our local supermarket!
Thank you so much!"

Jennifer, Jupiter, Florida

My husband and I purchased the cheese
Jolie ravioli's as a joke for our 15 year old son.
I have to tell you that they were the most delicious ravioli that we have ever eaten!

We don't get up to Delicious Orchards that much,
so we were thrilled to see that we can
order these from you online!

It's nice to know that we can purchase
excellent pasta from you. Since we moved to
southern New Jersey, it has been hard living
without our pasta that we got accustomed to
having when we lived on Long Island;
and we have been living here since 1988!

Thank you so much for providing an excellent product!

Christine, Little Egg Harbor, NJ